Yiddische Yoga, OYsanas for Every Generation

by Rhonda Rosenheck, illustrated by DanaToons

Ben Yehuda Press, 2016

ISBN 1934730106, 9781934730102

USA $12.95

Available directly here or at Ben Yehuda Press or online from

Everyone’s doing it: Avrum, whose luggage business is souring; Essie, the modern bubbe who urges you to take a sweater—for after spin class when you’ll get a chill; Suri, who’s growing kale and her identity on a Jewish, spiritual, organic farm; and Daniel Aaron, in recovery, in love with Israel, and into meditation. Follow these Neshama (Spirit) Guides’ comedic journey through yiddische yoga poses, meditation and chanting. It’ll make you laugh a lot. And plotz a little. A good read and a great gift for Jews of (almost) every ilk and generation.

“A good gift for those with a sense of humor.”
—Intermountain Jewish News

Looking: Out, Up, In, & Under Rocks

by Rhonda Rosenheck

An Elephant Tree House Chapbook, 2018

ISBN 978-0-9677919-7-5

USA $14.99

Please contact me directly to purchase this book or invite me to read. (Elephant Tree House Press, a micro-publisher working exclusively in poetry chapbooks, has been having unresolved difficulties with their website.)

In her debut chapbook, Rhonda Rosenheck explores her environment through poetic forms ranging from haiku, through free verse to limerick. Love-making, a wooden bench, achy hips, snow, breast cancer, an industrial cityscape, religious practice, world news, and llamas (and lamas) are among the topics she transforms. The four sections refocus Rosenheck's lens -- OUT to the world around her, UP to spiritual matters, IN to personal revelations, and UNDER ROCKS to the humor she finds in everyday matters. Each section opens with one illustrative photograph, mostly by street photographer Max H. Jacobs. This is, after all, a book about Looking. 

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