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“Creativity makes the familiar new. Rhonda Rosenheck's limericks push the reader away from reverence that keeps the Torah at a distance. These poems create an intimacy that brings the holy texts closer. Thank you, Rhonda.”

Sister Francine Dempsey, Professor Emeritus,

College of St. Rose, activist and writer

“Reading Rhonda Rosenheck is, always, like having a few drinks with an eagle. The sort of people who think the particular is the contrary of the universal also think the gimlet eye sees nothing funny. They ought to read this book, and learn better. It’s personal and particular; its voice, specific. (Some of the metres, scansions, and rhymes work in New-Yorkese but not in Received Standard Texan ... at first....) It’s acute as a raptor’s gaze ... over a shot of wry on the rocks. If these subtle, genius limericks don’t expand your spirit, you need a new soul: because you need this book. Buy it, and wait eagerly for the next.”

Markham Shaw Pyle, author

“Rhonda Rosenheck’s Five Books of Limericks sheds an unexpected, creative, and unique light on the Books of the Torah. Written with such smart humor and engaging insight that even a lapsed Methodist was not only entertained but educated.”

Elizabeth Massie, multi-award-winning author

of novels, short fiction and poetry

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